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  • How YouGotHeroes Works

    Support Veterans in Your Community and Nationwide is not a proprietary database. Rather, it's a power search resource that helps you find information much fast than you would be able to do on your own. Searching through more than 81 million U.S. veteran profiles and millions more online information sources, in seconds you can locate veterans by military branch, service academy, those looking for a job, companies looking to hire veterans, and more.

    Following are some of the ways YouGotHeroes is different than other resources:

    Enter a company name and instantly find veterans who work at the organization. You can also search by industry name, job title, location, industry, skills, keywords, and more. YouGotHeroes is the only search engine of its kind that allows you to instantly search and easily sort information on U.S. veterans.

    On the Veteran Search results pages, you can instantly sort by military branch or service academy. Just click on a tab to find a veteran who meets your criteria.

    When you hire a veteran, you know you're getting someone you can count on to get the job done. Plus, you're doing a great service for our nation. In addition, if you hire a veteran, you may qualify for a tax credit.

    Use YouGotHeroes to search for veterans who are looking for a job, today. Search by experience, location, and more.

    Easily locate veteran-owned businesses in your community or nationwide, in any industry.

    If you went to a public library and asked a librarian for information on the military and/or veterans, you wouldn't receive 80 million results. That's Google. Rather, the librarian would provide you the top three to five credible and objective military and veteran publications to review.

    Multiply that 10X and that's the power of the YouGotHeroes Military and Veteran Library. Instantly search current issues and archives of the top 40+ military and veteran publications and get the information you need, right now. 

    There are dozens of different ways that people identify their job titles. For example, a "senior vice president" at one company might be an SVP at another, or an EVP, or AVP. A "human resources director" at one company might be "director of talent" at another.

    In addition, veterans identify themselves in many different ways. Some may say they are a "Marine Veteran." Some state that they served in the "U.S. Marines." Others proudly share that they served in the "Marine Corp."

    With other search resources, you would need to know all of the different ways people identify themselves and run each search separately. In YouGotHeroes, all searches run in the background simultaneously and automatically. 

    When you click on a YouGotHeroes result, you go directly to the source database meaning, you're always accessing the latest information. By directing you to the source information versus scraping data, YouGotHeroes also stays on good terms with the information providers, as YouGotHeroes generates additional traffic to their sites.

    If it weren't for the sacrifice of U.S. military veterans, there's a great chance that your company would not even exist. Now it's easy to find a veteran, hire a veteran, work with a veteran, and support our veteran community nationwide, and even those U.S. veterans around the globe.

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    What People Think of YouGotHeroes

    Manufacuring Company

    Head of Human Resources

    We love hiring veterans, because we know they are hard workers, will show up on time, and will do a great job. I used to go through stacks of resumes looking for veterans who I would want to interview. Now I use YouGotHeroes and in seconds, I can find veterans in my community who are looking for work, or who I might want to recruit.

    Marketing Executive

    U.S. Veteran

    When I search for clients, if I can find a veteran owned business or a decision maker who is a veteran, because I'm a veteran, I can easily get past gate keepers and connect with a decision maker in a way that others can't. I use YouGotHeroes to find veteran owned business and marketing executives at companies who served.

    Employement Search Firm

    Head of Recruiting

    We subscribe to many databases - some of them very expensive - as our clients are very particular in the types of executives who they want us to find. Yet no database makes it easy to find U.S. veterans with specific skill sets. That is, until

    Technology Firm

    CEO / Founder

    For some of our larger contracts, we are required to subcontract out to classified businesses, such as women-owned, minority-owned, or veteran-owned businesses. With YouGotHeroes, we can quickly find veteran-owned or veteran-run companies. We save a huge amount of time.

    Business Executive

    U.S. Navy Veteran

    After I left the service, I got my MBA and then started my job search. Networking is everything. With YouGotHeroes, I quickly found other Navy vets at the companies where I wanted to work. Every time I found someone who helped me land an interview and ultimately a great job.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your membership starts the second you join and you have unlimited access to YouGotHeroes.

    YouGotHeroes memberships are completely complimentary to U.S. military veterans and those companies that want to hire veterans and/or work with veteran-owned businesses.

    Absolutely not. YouGotHeroes is supported by SBR Worldwide, LLC along with other sponsors. At no time will you see ads or be presented with pop-up messages while using the search features. Note that the results pages are powered by Google, and Google may show advertising on the results pages. SBR Worldwide, LLC and YouGotHeroes receive no revenue from the results page ads.

    That would be awesome! If you'd like to sponsor YouGotHeroes or support the program in any way, please contant Sam Richter.

    Absolutely not. We do not share or sell your information. You will receive periodic emails from Sam featuring helpful search, sales, digital reputation, and privacy protection strategies and ideas and of course you can opt out of any communication at any time. Please review our Terms and Conditions for details.

    No, YouGotHeroes is NOT a database. It is, however, a HUGE time saver.

    YouGotHeroes makes finding information on U.S. veterans that is already online much easier. You could use a search engine like Google combined with other Websites to find the information that YouGotHeroes delivers. However, you would need to know how to craft complex mathematical Boolean equations and/or know the correct websites to even visit.

    You could spend minutes - or more likely hours - trying to find information on your own, or you could use YouGotHeroes and find the right information in just seconds.

    In YouGotHeroes's "Search By Title," and "Power Search" sections, the results pages feature tabs of all military branches and service academies that can be instantly clicked on for sorting purposes. Each tab represents dozens of unique LinkedIn searches (both includes and excludes to remove false positives).

    Meaning, for example, in the Title Search section alone, each button represents more than 20 unique title searches, and combined with the results page tabs, would total more than 1,900 unique searches in other engines! Assuming you could conduct a search manually in 20 seconds, what you can do in YouGotHeroes in less than four seconds would otherwise take you 10+ hours.

    Now, most people would certainly never spend hours searching, however, they would then miss a lot of results if they didn't (e.g., if you searched for "vice presidents" in other engines, you'd miss VPs, SVPs, AVPs, EVPs, etc. yet YouGotHeroes automatically searches for similar titles).

    In addition, there are dozens of different ways that people identify themselves as military veterans (e.g., US Marines, Marine Corp., Marine Veteran, etc.). To capture all veterans in other search engines, you would need to know all of the different ways people identify themselves versus in YouGotHeroes, which runs all searches simultaneously and automatically.

    A big advantage is YouGotHeroes does not limit industry searches to pre-defined classifications. For example, in most people search engines, there is no industry classification for "Internet of Things" yet there are tens of thousands of veterans who work in that industry. As odd as this is, some search engines do not even have an industry search for "manufacturing" (there are millions of veterans working in manufacturing).

    YouGotHeroes combines multiple databases that list veteran-owned businesses meaning it's very comprehensive, and most likely one of the most comprehensive search engines for veteran-owned businesses in the world.

    YouGotHeroes is not a list building tool. You can use YouGotHeroes to locate veterans and then contact them via their online profiles or other means that they provide.

    If you're looking for a pure list-building database or another tool to more easily access a person's contact information, we recommend purchasing a subscription to LinkedIn Premium or other list-building services such as

    No. Some people don't have an online presence. Others inadvertently, or on purpose, don't make their online information publicly available. However, to date there are more than 81 million veterans who are searchable via YouGotHeroes, so we're sure you'll find some great results.

    With any online search, there is no guarantee that the information is accurate or current. However, YouGotHeroes has built-in-logic that runs in the background and it attempts to filter out results from non-reputable sources.

    YouGotHeroes uses complex Boolean algorithms that looks for combinations of words that lead the system to believe that a person is a veteran. Sometimes those words do appear on a person's online profile, just not in the correct order. That is known as a false-positive. In addition, just like any online search, sometimes odd results appear for no apparent reason. Yet hopefully YouGotHeroes does a good enough job that 85%+ of the results are truly individuals who fit your search criteria.

    YouGotHeroes looks for combinations of words on a person's online profile to determine if someone a veteran. Please contact us and we are happy to share what words you might want to put on your profile, so you do appear. In addition, some people inadvertently, or on purpose, don't make their profiles publicly available. For those people, their names will not appear in results.

    Some people inadvertently, or on purpose, don't make their profile publicly available to open-Web search engines. For those people, their names will not appear in any results. 

    YouGotHeroes was created by Sam Richter, CSP, CPAE, founder and CEO of SBR Worldwide, LLC. Considered a leading authority on finding online answers, digital intelligence, and digital reputation management, Sam is a bestselling author and Hall of Fame speaker who delivers his top-rated keynote presentations and workshop sessions to audiences worldwide.

    As part of his programs, Sam creates custom search applications for attendees. He was asked by both those in business and veteran colleagues if he could create a resource to identify veterans and veteran-owned businesses and was born. 

    YES... please do so! You can send people to where they can create their own FREE membership.

    Who Created YouGotHeroes?

    YouGotHeroes was created by Sam Richter, CSP, CPAE, a Hall of Fame Sales and Business motivational speaker.

    As part of his programs, Sam develops custom Intel Engine search applications for every company and industry where he speaks to ensure the learning - and most important, the implementation - of what he shares continues long after the ovation subsides.

    In his meetings and coaching with business leaders worldwide, he was asked if there was a way to search for U.S. veterans and veteran-owned business. Sam did extensive research and realized there was no comprehensive resource.

    Although not a veteran himself, Sam understands that he has greatly benefited from our nation's heroes in all areas of his life. As a way to give back to the military community, he created YouGotHeroes. Questions? Contact Sam directly.